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The ASX Corporate Governance Council (the Council) has Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (the Principles) that are designed to maximise corporate performance and accountability in the interests of shareholders and the broader economy. The Principles encompass matters such as board composition, committees and compliance procedures.

The Principles (3rd edition) can be viewed at The Principles are not prescriptive; however listed entities (including Prime Media Group) are required to disclose the extent of their compliance with the Principles, and to explain why they have not adopted a Principle if they consider it inappropriate in their particular circumstances.
Corporate Governance Statement
Prime Media Group’s corporate governance statement is included in its annual report each year. This statement provides an overview of Prime Media Group’s corporate governance practices in the form of a report against the Principles.


Continuous Disclosure Policy (pdf)

Code of Conduct (pdf)

Board Charter (pdf)

Audit and Risk Committee Charter (pdf)

Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter (pdf)

Diversity Policy (pdf)

Securities Trading Policy (pdf)

Privacy Policy (pdf)

Workplace Gender Equality Act Report 2014 (pdf)