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The PRIME7 Network was formed in Australia as a result of Australian Government legislation (beginning in 1989) designed to give all Australians equal access to "free-to-air" television. Since 1989, PRIME7 has added Golden West Network (Western Australia) and Mildura to its television broadcast regions. The PRIME signal is also broadcast in Griffith NSW, under license to another operator.

The licensed viewing area covers the regional locations of Northern and Southern New South Wales, Victoria, the Gold Coast area of eastern Queensland and all of regional Western Australia, with a potential audience of over 5.1 million people. In the eastern states of Australia the broadcast signal is branded as PRIME7. In Western Australia the broadcast signal is known as Golden West Network (GWN7).

PRIME7's investment in regional communities, combined with quality programming and a focus on cost efficiency and technology, have enabled the company to emerge as one of Australia's most successful regional broadcasters. The company's revenues are sourced from advertising and the production of commercial advertisements. Sales teams in the metropolitan offices service major national advertisers. In regional areas local sales teams work closely with their local clients, often arranging commercial production and promotional campaigns to support their advertising.

The majority of programming on PRIME7 and GWN7 is supplied through an affiliation agreement with the Seven Network. The Seven network has developed an extremely strong schedule of programs that includes major sports such as AFL and V8 Supercars. Some of the key programs currently featuring on PRIME7 are “A Place To Call Home”, “Sunday Night”, "House Rules", "Home And Away", Winners and Losers", "My Kitchen Rules" and "X Factor" from Australia as well as international hit shows such as "Downton Abbey", "Revenge", "Criminal Minds" and “Bones”.

Seven’s dominance in News and Current Affairs and morning television augments PRIME7’s strength in local news. PRIME7 produces a total of six separate major local news bulletins each weekday. These are supplemented with News Updates and shorter bulletins throughout the day and night. All are branded PRIME7/GWN7 News and deal with stories from the immediate locality.

Our multi-channel services, 7TWO and 7mate, are part of Australia’s Freeview digital television service. 7TWO is a natural extension of PRIME7’s successful primary channel and increases PRIME7’s strong audience appeal. 7TWO features the very best of television from traditional, tried and true favourites "Heartbeat", "Blue Murder", "Escape To The Country", "Air Crash Investigators" and "Lewis". 7mate launched in September 2010, and as the name suggests, targets a young male audience with first run programming designed for this demographic. 7mate is the home of all new "Family Guy" and "American Dad". "American Pickers", "Hardcore Pawn", and comedy programs including "How I Met Your Mother" and "Seinfeld" have all found a new home on mate.




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